10 daily habits that will significantly improve life

Often we ourselves become an obstacle on the way to our goal. The way of thinking, the attitude of life and the wrong daily routine can prevent you from moving forward. To increase productivity, become more energetic and focus better on tasks, pay attention to these ten useful habits.

Do not look into the phone after waking up

A study by IDC showed that about 80% of smartphone users check notifications on the device daily within 15 minutes after waking up. However, it is better to get rid of this habit. It leads to increased stress levels and distracts the brain from more important tasks. Moreover, you spend a lot of effort to respond to other people’s requests, and your brain is overloaded with information.

To get rid of this habit, turn on “airplane mode” or turn off notifications on your phone. Try not to pick it up for at least the first 30 minutes after waking up. This way you will remain calm, focused and keep your thoughts under control.

Meditate every morning

Morning meditations improve brain function and set the tone for the day. Their benefits have been repeatedly confirmed by science. You will learn to focus your attention and control your thoughts, as well as gain calmness and clarity. Moreover, the daily practice of meditation will also increase the concentration of attention on everyday tasks.

Do a stretch every morning

Daily stretching exercises help to develop body flexibility. They can be performed after morning meditations — you will only need a yoga mat or any other comfortable surface. Exercises can be chosen according to your preference, the main thing is to give the body the opportunity to wake up and breathe properly.

Learn to be grateful

Like other aspects of life, the ability to be grateful needs to be developed. Exercises can be different. For example, you can write down one thing every day that you were grateful for that day. This simple habit will allow you to fall asleep in a more positive mood.

“When I learned to be grateful no matter what, there were more opportunities, relationships and even money in my life,” Oprah Winfrey.

With this approach, you will not only learn to appreciate small moments, but at the end of the year you will have a list of 365 valuable things in your life.

Write down thoughts and ideas

You can keep a blog on the Internet, or just a personal diary. There are many advantages to this approach.

  • By regularly recording your goals, you get the opportunity to track and analyze your progress.
  • By putting thoughts on paper, you gain greater awareness and learn to control your mind and emotions.
  • Writing helps to better remember the studied information.

This habit will help to increase productivity, self-awareness and discipline.

Practice interval fasting

This is a diet in which you need to alternate periods of eating and fasting. The fasting period lasts 16 hours and during it you can not eat, but you can drink water, tea, coffee and other low-calorie drinks. Meals should be limited to eight hours a day.

This diet has a positive effect on the body.

  • Helps burn more fat and promotes weight loss.
  • Improves mental clarity and increases concentration.
  • Trains willpower.

Track your habits

To achieve goals, consistency is necessary. And the best way to follow it is to keep a habit tracker.

“Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum— – Darren Hardy.

Usually, a table is used for this, which you need to fill in with a list of desired habits. Every time you meet a goal, you need to put a mark. The main thing is not to break the chain. This way you can track progress.

Slow down the pace of life

We are used to living at a fast pace and continuously chasing happiness. Unrealistic goals and overwork often lead to burnout.

However, this approach will not help to achieve success faster. It is very important to learn to listen to your body and give it a well-deserved rest. Get enough sleep and not bring yourself to exhaustion.

Slow down your pace of life. Wake up earlier to enjoy a smooth start to the day. Take small steps daily to achieve your goals. Learn to enjoy the little things: birdsong, hanging out with friends and family, the beauty of the sunset.

Read at least one article a day

The world is full of information, and the more you learn, the more results you will achieve. Reading one article or several pages of a book every day, you will learn something new, broaden your horizons and increase creative thinking.

Drink enough water

A glass of water in the morning helps to reduce weight and improves mental performance. About 60% of our body consists of water, and these reserves need to be constantly replenished.

Drink a glass of water before going to bed and after waking up. This helps to maintain water balance, remove toxins and maintain skin health.

Move daily

Daily physical activity is very important. It can be both classes in the gym or at home, and walks in the fresh air.

“Take care of your body. This is your home.”- Jim Ron.

Develop the habit of exercising for 30 minutes a day. Sports not only instantly improves mood, but also relieves stress.

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