There are big benefits to having a smoothie for a meal. Use your imagination and try other leafy green vegetables, fruits and juices for a different taste. Remember to balance the amount of leafy ingredients with smooth ones. Too much kale and not enough avocado and banana will give smoothies a chalky, gritty consistency.

1-2 cups water (to regulate thickness)
1-2 oz. 100% real fruit juice with added calcium or 1 serving of whole fruit
1-2 cups raw kale or spinach
1/2 medium avocado, scooped from skin
1/2 banana, peeled


1 Tbsp. ground flaxseed, to add healthy Omega 3
1-3 Tbsp. yogurt for smooth consistency
1 Tbsp. shredded, unsweetened coconutt

Combine everything in a blender and mix. It’ll be about 200-300 calories and 151- 309 mg of calcium, depending on your ingredients.

Note: Try peeling, splitting and freezing your banana before you use it. It will make a nice, chilled smoothie without having to add ice.