Small changes can make a big difference. Here’s a list of ways to cut 100 calories from your diet every day:

  • Lighten up your coffee with fat-free milk and sugar-free syrup.
  • Trim fat from beef, pork, and chicken. Remove the skin from poultry.
  • Try slow-churned, reduced-calorie ice cream in place of regular.
  • Replace chips with raw vegetables with your salsa or fat-free dips.

Here are some more helpful tips to help you eat fewer calories:

  • Use a smaller plate, and you tend to eat less.
  • Eat slower. You get too full if you eat your meal in 30 minutes or less.
  • Leave something on your plate. If you feel this is a waste, save it for tomorrow.
  • Don’t eat out of a bag or you’ll eat until it’s empty.
  • Use a tall, slender glass — unless you’re drinking water. You’ll put less in it.
  • Replace colas and energy drinks with plenty of water.

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