Outdoor training: in harmony with nature

Taking care of health, a toned beautiful figure is the norm. People want to live happily ever after without thinking about diseases. Gyms are filled to capacity with those who want to improve their physical shape. Their visitors increasingly want to go beyond the perimeter of the sports club.

Outdoor training is a new sports trend that has confidently opened the doors of fitness clubs to meet the fresh air and the sun. Outdoor sports are available to citizens. The best places – culture parks, yard sports grounds, city stadiums – let visitors in without paid season tickets.

In modern residential quarters, courtyards and green areas, sports complexes with simulators for all muscle groups are provided at the design stage. There are running tracks, bike paths – and everything is absolutely free.

Outdoor training is an opportunity to train at any time according to a convenient schedule. In the spring and summer period, this is a great alternative to fitness clubs and a solid savings on the cost of a subscription. The places of classes can be changed at least every day, you are not limited by anything. The main thing is to have time and desire.

Benefits of Outdoor fitness

Workouts are suitable for those who have skills in pull-ups, push-ups, other strength and cardio exercises, as well as beginners. It is important not to overdo it, setting yourself an active pace from the first lesson. Consistently stretch the muscles with exercises for the harmonious development of the body.

The advantages of fitness classes on the street:

  • Physical activity in tandem with breathing techniques actively saturate cells with oxygen;
  • Thermolipolysis accelerates, fat cells split faster;
  • Full ventilation of the lungs ensures physical activity;
  • Fresh air increases the level of serotonin, which is responsible for a positive mood;
  • Different types of activity are used: cycling, running, exercise complexes on simulators.

If you are embarrassed to study in the presence of strangers, drop your fears, focus on your inner state. Close attention is explained by the usual momentary curiosity. Over the summer, there is an opportunity to pump up perfectly, improve coordination, increase physical strength. Don’t waste time!

Types of training: what to choose

The popularity of outdoor-fitness is due to the fact that sports training involves various options for classes. Are there any health contraindications? Choose an option that is suitable for the level of training.

What types of workouts are available outdoors:

  • Running: in parks, squares, at local stadiums. Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolic processes;
  • Nordic walking: has virtually no age restrictions. Increases endurance, strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, helps to lose excess weight;
  • Cycling with a load: as a basic training or an additional lesson;
  • Yoga: to achieve spiritual and physical balance in the body;
  • Outdoor fitness using exercise equipment.

The list of exercises is not limited. For effective training, including additional exercises in training, purchase sports equipment: a mat, dumbbells, a fitness elastic band. Positive dynamics, good results will not keep you waiting.

Useful tips for beginners

The benefits of outdoor training are greater than those of classes in a stuffy gym. Air conditioners installed in fitness clubs do not save the situation: the air becomes dry, and this affects the effectiveness of exercises.

Outdoor fitness on the street will benefit, cheer up if the following recommendations are followed:

  • Choose a training area closer to home: if there are no simulators, then bars, horizontal bars, a bench will do;
  • Write down the schedule of classes by day and hour, stick to the schedule without skipping;
  • Find like-minded people: arrange joint runs, bike rides – time will fly faster;
  • Do not neglect the warm-up: warmed-up muscles facilitate the perception of loads by the body;
  • On hot days, grab a bottle of water and a towel for training;
  • When the sun is strong, wear a hat.

And don’t forget to have a snack before class: an apple, a banana, a fruit bar will provide the body with energy for a productive workout.

Exercises for outdoor training


An important stage for preparing muscles for exercise:

  • Running at a calm pace for 5-10 minutes;
  • Body tilt to the right, left, forward, backward;
  • Circular movements of the shoulders, elbows, wrists;
  • Easy stretching of the knees, feet.

The body is prepared, we proceed to the main exercises.

The main complex

Pumping the pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulder girdle:

  • Push-ups from the knees: arms shoulder-width apart, elbows facing back, legs crossed and raised;
  • Push-ups from the support: we lean on the handrail with our hands, rest our feet on the ground, push-ups;
  • Reverse push-ups: hands on the handrail, body facing away from the crossbar. We lower the body to the parallel position of the shoulders with the handrail;
  • Pull-ups: with a classic, narrow, wide grip;
  • Squats: with a jump, classic, with support on the rack;
  • Lifting the legs, knees to the chest on the horizontal bar;
  • All types of “plank” exercises.

If you can’t master the whole complex at first, arrange a regular jog. During breaks, make swings with your feet, leaning on a bench in a park or a tree in a wooded area. Master Scandinavian walking, ride a bike – start small.

Take care of comfortable sportswear in advance. Fitness clothing does not restrict movement, allows the skin to breathe, provides air circulation and absorbs moisture.

The workout is over: relax, stretch up, take a deep breath of fresh air. And start a new day with a smile!

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