The harm and benefits of rosehip for the body

There are many plants in the wild about the beneficial properties of which legends can be composed, and one of these plants is the “wild rose”. The harm and benefits of rosehip for the body are the topic of more than one scientific treatise, although many are inclined to believe that it is more useful than harmful.

What is in the composition

So, today we have to find out what is the benefit and harm of tincture, decoction of rosehip, and whether this wild shrub is so useful, in principle. It is worth starting with the study of the chemical composition, which will say a lot. First of all, we will be interested in the vitamin composition, and it is the lack of vitamins that often leads to serious consequences. It is worth starting, of course, with ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, and few people know that in terms of the amount of this irreplaceable substance, the fruits of the shrub occupy the first place, significantly ahead of even lemon and other citrus representatives.

Moving along the list further, it is worth dwelling on some B vitamins, and their benefits for the human body are also invaluable. Many of them are also part of our berries, although there are also enough nutrients in the roots and leaves. A lot has also been said about the benefits of vitamin A for the eyes, and carotene is also part of our test subject. It also contains folic acid, vitamin and many other vitamins. The mineral composition is also rich, and I would also like to dwell on this issue in more detail.

If you are tired of expensive medicines, vitamin and mineral complexes. After learning about the benefits of rosehip fruits and other parts of this irreplaceable plant, you will understand that you can be healthy without spending money on medicines. What are only large reserves of calcium, responsible for the condition of our bones, potassium and magnesium, which have a beneficial effect on the human cardiovascular system. It is also phosphorus, which improves brain activity, iron is the best remedy for anemia, manganese and zinc.

As you can see, the chemical composition of the “wild rose”, and it is possible to list all the useful components that make up the plant for a long time, it is easy to assume how useful it is for our body. In addition, if you have tasted rosehip broth at least once in your life, you are unlikely to say that it is not delicious. In what form are berries still used, what is the use of rosehip for men, for women, for children and older people, and what experts say – you will learn about this from the following narrative.

How and in what form to use

We have already mentioned the rosehip decoction, and it is in this form that we are used to seeing it, although the tincture on alcohol has many useful properties – it has everything useful, and the alcohol tincture acts much faster, although the infusion of rosehip in a thermos has a lot of indications for use. Moreover, it is difficult to find a better remedy that can quench your thirst in the summer heat. Another advantage of these products is that they are prepared easily and, most importantly, quickly.

Experts will tell you better how to take rosehip oil, and it is used in this form, and folk recipes for the preparation of medicinal products based on prickly shrub fruits are passed down from generation to generation. From our ancestors, we not only learned how to prepare these medicinal decoctions and infusions, but also how to take them, and you do not need special knowledge for this – just drink and enjoy, although a specialist’s consultation will not hurt.

Useful properties

It remains only to talk in more detail, and whether there is a benefit of rosehip for the liver and kidneys, how it acts on other human organs. And it is there, and representatives of both folk and traditional medicine do not stop talking about it, and the fruits of the “wild rose” and medicines based on it can be bought at any pharmacy. There are also remedies that are ideal for women during pregnancy, although the question of what is the use of rosehip during pregnancy is also worth asking a specialist. It fights colds and stops some inflammatory processes, which is especially important during this difficult period. In addition, annoying toxicosis will recede and the mood will simply improve.

The use of rosehip for a woman’s body also lies in the ability to heal erosions that cause a lot of trouble. As for the benefits of rosehip for the body of men, it is based on a high content of ascorbic acid, which has a positive effect on men’s health. Do not also forget about the diuretic effect that is used in the treatment of prostate pathologies. This means that nothing bad will happen if you drink a glass of rosehip broth or tea at night, which, moreover, will calm your nerves and heart.

A separate topic for conversation may be the benefits of rosehip for the body in diabetes mellitus, but we will limit ourselves to the fact that it is, as any specialist will say. By consuming aromatic drinks made on the basis of wild rose fruits, you can normalize blood sugar levels, and to make drinks tastier and even healthier, use honey instead of sugar.

As for parents’ doubts about the benefits of rosehip for children under one year old – do not self-medicate and consult a pediatrician, although there is an opinion, and such practice is used, that it is possible to give it to children starting from 6 months, although it should be done carefully. This is the first remedy for colds, an ideal way to restore the functioning of the nervous system and improve vision, because you need to be even more careful with medications at an early age.


Despite the huge number of indications for use, do not forget also that each medicinal plant has not only advantages, therefore it is necessary to talk about the benefits and harm of rosehip for health. There are not so many contraindications to its use, as in the case of other plants, but they are there. Given the presence of a large amount of organic acids, it is worth remembering that this can have a detrimental effect on the condition of tooth enamel. The harm and benefits of rosehip for the body are also a topic for conversation with specialists dealing with more serious problems – this is contraindicated, in particular, for certain kidney diseases.

Strange as it may sound, but carotene not only improves vision, but can cause physiological jaundice. It is also not necessary to abuse people with high acidity (remember the high content of vitamin C). Also, do not forget that what is good is in moderation. If you are concerned about the question: what is the benefit and harm of rosehip tea, remember that it is enough to brew 10 fruits a day – this will be enough to feel good.

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