The use of water with lemon on an empty stomach

Today it is difficult to say where our people got such a love for lemon, but no feast and family tea drinking is possible today without it. This citrus is used to prepare various dishes, and tea with a lemon slice is a good remedy for fighting infections and bad mood. Despite the sour taste, we are ready to eat it every day, and even several diets have been developed, where special attention is paid to the consumption of citrus fruits. In this regard, the question often arises: is there any benefit of water with lemon on an empty stomach, or is it better to refrain from it?

Chemical composition

Today, many people prefer to start the day with lemon water, which should be drunk before meals. Before talking about the benefits and harms of water from lemons on an empty stomach, as well as how useful water with lemon and honey is for weight loss, it is worth getting to know citrus more closely by examining its composition. Everyone will immediately say that this particular representative of citrus fruits contains a large amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). This is indeed the case, and therefore lemon tea is the best remedy for colds, but you should also not forget about vitamin P (rutin), which “acts” in conjunction with ascorbic acid, maintaining the ideal condition of the capillaries of blood vessels. It also contains some B vitamins, vitamin D and many others.

Also, speaking about the benefits and harms of lemon with water on an empty stomach, it is worth paying attention to its mineral composition. It contains such essential elements as magnesium, calcium and iron in sufficient quantities, and the content of zinc, copper, essential oils and organic acids is also high. It is also worth mentioning about the large content of useful pectins, and all this is contained in lemon water, but is it possible to drink it every morning, and even on an empty stomach.

What is the use of a drink in the morning

In the season of colds, citrus fruits are often the first remedy for the treatment and prevention of viral and infectious diseases, but what is the use of lemon water in the morning? First of all, undoubtedly, it is the fight against respiratory viral diseases – the presence of ascorbic acid affects. Lemon juice helps strengthen the immune system, but the human body does not know how to produce ascorbic acid on its own, so the benefits of water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach are obvious (a lot has also been said about the beneficial properties of honey).

Often there are flattering reviews about water with lemon and ginger for weight loss on an empty stomach, namely from the point of view of the ability to lose extra pounds and some consider this drink. First of all, it is worth saying in this regard that this drink plays a great benefit for the work of the heart and blood vessels, reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in them, and this is the first step in the fight against excess kilograms. You should not think for a long time, inventing a recipe for water with lemon for weight loss, since everything is obvious, although many decide to “sweeten the pill” by adding sugar to the drink, which should not be done unequivocally.

If you also experience discomfort associated with the presence of excess weight, you can use the experience of Russians and residents of other countries who use the beneficial properties of yellow citrus to become slimmer. In this regard, I would like to clarify what is the use of water with lemon and honey in the morning for weight loss (by the way, honey can be removed from the recipe). It’s all about the organic acids contained in our favorite citrus representative. Oxidizing in our body, citric acid is split into carbon dioxide and water, which are well excreted from the body, along the way “taking” not only excess fluid, but also slags. Thus, the normalization of metabolic processes occurs in the body, as a result, you lose weight.

Speaking about the harm or benefits of lemon juice with water in the morning on an empty stomach for weight loss, do not forget, however, that even the best medicine, as Paracelsus said, can become poison if it is consumed frequently and in unacceptable doses. The same applies to our subject.

Harm of lemon drink in the morning

The main problem of many people is that after hearing about the beneficial properties of a particular product or group of products, their consumption begins in huge quantities, and many parents even give lemon water to children. At the same time, they forget that children have a sensitive digestive system, so you can damage the gastric mucosa in this way, besides, do not forget that all citrus fruits are allergens. If you still decide to teach your child to a lemon drink, you should do it carefully, taking skin samples beforehand.

It’s easy to prepare lemon water: squeeze a quarter of a lemon into a glass of warm water, and drink the drink immediately, since over time there are no useful substances left in it. If you do not like acidic foods, add honey to the drink, which will further enhance the preventive properties. Give up the idea of losing weight in this way if you have a tendency to allergies, with some problems with the gastrointestinal tract – heartburn, ulcers and increased acidity. Refrain from lemon water for pancreatitis, pyelonephritis and other diseases of the internal organs. And you always remember that everything is fine when in moderation.

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